Project Description

Do you hear music, mixed with the sound of the sea? A horn? A few tunes of a song and another horn? Dames SEZ is approaching: it’s time to drink, it’s time for the SEZcalationmix!
That’s of course after the match or training, because we’re the best at the third half! Also in the field you will find a lot of fun, but especially motivation and fanatics.
SIX years ago Dames SEZ saw the light of life. Started with a team full of ladies who never played field hockey, but already full of motivation and fun! In the years that followed lots of ladies, hockeyers and not-hockeyers, joined our team and now we have a wide mix of beginners and advanced hockey players.
In addition to field hockey, we are also active at the bar (or behind the bar), with all the sports you need to get enough hydration! In addition to eating together before training and fun drinks after training and competitions, we regularly go to parties in the city, go out for dinner, we organize a (date-) Christmas dinner every year and we organize parties ourselves.
Next to this, many are active in committees at DHC Drienerlo, but also in study – and student associations, which provides a cozy mix of ladies from all over Enschede.
Back to hockey, because for our fourth competition year we have set ourselves the goal to become sixth! And with that, we need your help! Would you like it to train together with the nicest and most escalating team of DHC Drienerlo? Please feel free to contact us via dames6[at] or join our training: every Wednesday from 21:00 to 22:30!