‘t Gôske is the club magazine of DHC Drienerlo. It is published at least 4 times per year and is full of useful and less useful things that happend in and around the Toren.

All members can contribute to ‘t Gôske. You can regularly read game reports from different teams. There are also photos from the nice parties and Toren Sundays that happen so often at DHC Drienerlo. Has a Drienerlo member say or do something stupid? Then that will be found as a quote in ‘t Gôske.

In every edition of our nice club magazine are also announcements from the board and committees. They can do announcements this way (for example for parties or tournaments, but also about collecting the contribution) and make sure are Drienerlo members are well informed.

A large part of the content of ‘t Gôske is thus supplied by members, but there is also an enthousiastic group of Drienerlo members who make sure every edition is well filled with content. This is the Gôske committee. Do you want to know who is part of this committee, or would you like to join this committee yourself? Take a look at the ‘committees’ tab from more information!